Aquanox 2: Revelation

AquaNox 2: Revelation - The Legend Begins

AquaNox 2: Revelation is more than just an AddOn to Massive's blockbuster AquaNox. It is an independent story full of adventures and deadly surprises.

AquaNox 2: Revelation is the search for one of Aqua's biggest secrets, a legendary and much wanted treasure from the time when mankind still lived on the earth's surface.

2666 - While Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint fights against rebels, Crawlers and huge sea monsters, a young man sets out for his own adventure.

At the same time as the AquaNox events are taking place we're following William Drake, the young heir of a rundown merchants' dynasty, through his numerous experiences and adventures in Aqua, the world without skies.

Drake only has little experience with Aqua's rough reality. He faithfully transports goods from Galapagos to the northern aquatoria of the Tornado Zone. His life is monotonous, but in his imagination young Drake becomes a genuine mercenary. He wants to be like them: all these brave, daring and free mercenaries, Ronin and freebooters.

But he only has little opportunity to make his dreams come true, until one day.

An emergency call: Hey...hey, dammit! This is an S.O.S! I have a ship on my scanner... Will somebody answer me? This is the Benthos Seven! ...Hello?!?

William Drake rushes to help the foreign ship, without knowing this is going to be the beginning of his new life. Very soon and without really realizing it he becomes the key figure in the merciless hunt after the legendary treasure that is said to bring bad luck.

Foe or friend - who can be trusted? Each moment brings new surprises William has to survive. One by one he puts the pieces together: the distant past, the myths, legends and prophecies gather here and now and a storm of violence is unleashed.

Nothing is as it seems. Fairy tales turn out to be the terrible truth, gloomy prophecies become true and well-known enemies awake to a new life.

Aquanox 2: Revelation