Aquanox 2: Revelation

AquaNox 2: Revelation - Background

Five hundred years before

On the beach of northern Scotland a scientist makes an extraordinary and mysterious find.

The migration into the oceans

Mankind migrates down into the oceans, as wars and natural disasters have rendered the earth's surface uninhabitable.

A legend arises. According to tradition a treasure, whose value is said to go beyond all human imagination, is hidden somewhere in the oceans.

Myths come into being. Some people assume the treasure is protected by a deadly curse, others see it as a divine redemption from all worries. The treasure is called `Star of the Deep Sea`.


On board a wreck in the Indian Ocean some treasure hunters discover the Book of Revelation. Several parties including secret societies, historians and politicians claim ownership.

Obviously the book contains hints where the legendary treasure can be found.


The Museum of the Modern Age in Neopolis had exhibited the "Book of Revelation" as a valuable artefact of surface times for a long time. But then it gets lost in the chaos of war between the Atlantic Federation and the Shogunate.

An EMP - Attack on Neopolis destroys all digital copies of the book.


The notorious freebooter Juan Garcia Lopez is arrested by the military police of Swesda Wostock, capital of the Shogunate. Lopez is known to be one of the most bloodthirsty pirates in the history of Aqua. But some hints in his interrogation files prove he has really found the legendary "Star of the Deep Sea".

Its hiding place was so extraordinarily strange that Lopez, inspired by both horror and awe, gave the treasure a new name.


Capitain Juan Garcia Lopez is sentenced to death and executed in the Sea of Okhotsk. Word is that he told a fellow prisoner he had refused to open the treasure vault for fear of the treasure's curse. "Never in my whole life have I felt the presence of evil more clearly. Compared with that the gallows only seem a boring pleasure."


The treasure has fallen into oblivion. Aqua has different worries: a power struggle between the government and the dubious "New Line" is about to begin and Iwan King, the Warlord of the Tornado Zones, is engaged in a running battle with the Crawlers, a mysterious and unscrupulous gang of criminals.

William Drake is on his way to Atacama City, the capital of the Tornado Zone. It all begins with a harmless emergency call, which is by no means unusual in the wild and dangerous East Pacific aquatoria.

But what happens to the young, inexperienced but adventurous Drake exceeds his worst nightmares by far.

The unsuspecting freighter pilot searches for adventure. But adventure finds him - and there will be no escape.

Aquanox 2: Revelation